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Unity Out Patient Department : Unity provides out patient services. Almost all treatments can be carried out without admission. Through allopathic of all disciplines, and ayurveda, Unity Health Complex promotes the much needed human side of healthcare. In addition diagnostic services, including radiology, laboratory, investigations, endoscopy, non-invasive cardiac set up, MRI, CAT scan, echocardiogram, Ultra Sound, Pulmonary, Function Test, are also provided.

Uni-Checkup : A comprehensive health check up of total body profile to identify the hidden diseases, proves ideal for corporates. This check up includes a complete blood profile. Checkups are done to diagnose cholesterol, blood sugar, blood grouping. Additional test for ladies include pap smear and gynaecologist's consultation.

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Pre-Employment Check-up : This check up also is provided for corporates. A complete check up, it includes Random blood sugar, Haemogram, Cholesterol, Chest X-ray, E.C.G, V.D.R.L, Blood Grouping and Consultation by Physician with Fitness Certificate.

Other Services

Diagnosis and Primary Therapy at Unity Health Complex

Diagnosis :
An average hospital may be said to consist of four major constituent's diagnosis and primary therapy facilities for elective procedures acute emergency facilities dwelling units. These services offered by Unity fall mainly under the aegis of the first constituent diagnosis and primary therapy. These services offer the following benefits:

More patients can be treated.
Needs of a majority of the population taken care of.
More effective, efficient & appropriate health care.
Economic benefit to patients, society and government.
Much more cost-effective.
Judicious allocation of resources.
Education of community, leading to better health.
The different constituents of the unity health care system work closely together, resulting in total and speedier care.

Primary Therapy
Health is promoted in society by creating awareness about prevention of disease and the concept of health through health check ups, health club facilities, audio-visual presentations, distribution of literature on topics like dietary advice, accident prevention, nutritional therapy and the like. Referral Service provided to guide and assist patients who require advanced treatment.

Holistic approach to Healthcare: Holistic approach is a means of providing the much needed human side of healthcare, and includes :

Early diagnosis
Minimal therapy
Patients gain more confidence
Becomes active faster
Gets more personalized attention and care
Becomes more aware of his health leading to total well being
Receives maximum benefit at minimum cost
Avoids stress
Routine is not upset and greater family involvement in heaving is facilitated
Diagnostic services are provided to patients without admission to the hospital, e.g.
Radiology, Laboratory, Investigations, Endoscopy, Non-invasive cardiac Set up, MRI, CAT Scan, Echocardiogram, Ultra Sound, Pulmonary, Function Test.

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